20 must-follow Instagram accounts for weight-loss inspiration (1-5)

We love Instagram, our amazing followers often share their Grabits creations with us and the rest of the Grabits community which is awesome!

Whether it be healthy recipes or weight-loss snacks, we love to see the possibilities of Grabits played out on Insta.

With so many inspirational accounts out there, we wanted to share some of our favourites to help kick-start your weight loss journey, so will be sharing our top 20 accounts over the next few days for you to enjoy!

Let’s start with the first five:

  1. @mrsmummywright_sw 

First on our list, is Slimming World consultant, wife and mother Krystina Wright. Krystina has lost a whopping 7 stone 4lb and is a serious inspiration. Sharing some amazing recipes and inspirational pics, she makes weight loss look easy and is a must follow!


2. @slimming_world_jsg 

Jennifer Ginley-Hagan is very well known within the slimming community after being crowned National Miss Slinky 2017. Jennifer was a Slimming World cover girl who shot to fame when she lost half her body weight in just over 1 year. Her Instagram page offers a variety of recipes, meal ideas and a look at her day-to-day life, she shows how you can achieve these amazing results too.


#transformationtuesday The before picture is me a few months before I joined SW for the final time. I was trying on my new dress and blazer for work, I asked my Mum to get a picture to see what it looked like. I always had to check what clothes were like on me sat down as I carried so much weight around my belly, things were usually too tight to sit comfortably. This was a size 26 dress and blazer, they just about fit and I couldn’t fasten the blazer. I was laughing as I said I can’t breathe, it was always that situation of if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. I have that dress still somewhere, I’ll have to put it on to compare! 🦋 I wanted to compare that to my ball pictures as I’ve never had to muster as much confidence up to wear something, as I did at the ball. I was determined to look and feel Slinky accepting my Miss Slinky award. I loved my dress but it did not allow for any under garments shall we say! There was no hiding, it showed every inch of my shape, I had nothing holding me in. It is still a novelty to put on clothes, sit down and be able to breathe or move. It truly is a freeing feeling to be comfortable in your own skin, and to not be around other people constantly worrying about what they’re thinking about how you look. 🦋 The superficial aspect is of course lovely, it’s nice to see something you like in the mirror or on a photograph but nothing beats leaving behind that mental struggle. It feels amazing to not have to get pictures to check how I look, and I don’t have to only shop online as I’m too scared to be in shops and see myself in changing rooms. That dress and blazer were from Curvissa, I would only shop from there, ASOS curve and simply be. You would never find me in a shop paying for items so people knew what size I was. It’s a great feeling knowing I can dress for my style rather than to hide my shape. For many years when overweight that red dress would have been something I could only dream of wearing – dreams come true. If I can go from a size 26 to a size 8/10 with food optimising anyone can. Willpower is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Never forget it is ONLY food. 🦋 #slimmingworld #missslinky2017 #slimmingworlduk

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3. @mrs_a_ww

‘My weight loss journey’ is the Instagram account of 34 year old mrs_a_ww. Her Insta offers some amazing diet plans and some lovely foody shots. Beyond the dietary advice, this profile also provides fitness tips and some real get up and go advice. Go check it out.

4. @Jakesmummy_sw

Mum of two, Hannah Ward is a real inspiration with her amazing weight loss. What we particularly loved about Hannah’s profile was the variation and accessibility of her recipes – there’s something for everyone on her profile! Follow her Instagram page to see how she hits her goals with food and lifestyle motivation.

Pork and veg pasta in pepper sauce (2) with broccoli #slimmingworld #extraeasy #sw #swfamily #onplan

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5. @Emzy80sw

Emzy80sw’s Instagram is a fantastic food and exercise diary, it documents her meals, exercise regime and daily life activities. The beauty of this profile is that it mixes super healthy meal ideas with a few treats, to provide balanced slimming insight! If you’re looking for an awesome weight-loss resource, look no further.

Tomorrow we’ll post our next five favourites so keep your eyes peeled and let us know on Facebooktwitter or instagram if you’ve got a favourite instagrammer who you think deserves to make it on to the list!