Grabits insta-stars 03.04.2017

At Grabits we love sharing snack ideas and different ways of using Grabits as we love them so much, but we rarely have to as you guys do such a good job for us! This week we’ve got a great selection of snacks, lunches and evening meals all using Grabits, for you to try at home!

A great way of making sure you don’t go off plan while you’re out and about or at work is to get all your meals prepared the night before.  A little effort goes a long way, but emzy80 shows that with snacks there and ready to go when you’re hungry, you can stay full and energized throughout the day with some great snacks!

emozy80 27032017

We love this mix of snacks from thisgirlstrying_sw, having those handy snack packs of fruits and veg are great when you want a little extra addition to your lunch!

thisgirlstrying_sw 23072017

Who says you can have pizza when you’re trying to eat healthily? Slimmingsophiemegs shares this great idea of chicken hash brown pizza, with plenty of tasty extras on the side!

slimmingsophiemegs 02032017

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