Grabits Insta-Stars 04.02.2019

We’re in February, and the new year health kick is far from over! Sticking to a plan and healthy eating can sometimes be easier said than done – but by adding Grabits to your snacking and meal plans it can be a lot easier. For your weekly dose of inspiration, here are this week’s Insta-Stars:


If you’re looking for that boost of protein to fill you up, follow in @pennyslimmingjourney‘s footsteps and pick up these Grabits Chicken on a Stick from your local shop!


@sw_shanlou95 knows that these chicken sticks are the “go-to” snack whilst on a break at work, or even when you’re out and about running errands! If you haven’t already, give them a try!


“Juicy and delicious,” just like @loudoessw described them. Could you possibly need any more proof?


You can have the chance to appear in next week’s Insta-Stars blog by tagging us on Instagram @grabitschicken next time you snack! And for even more inspiration take a look at some of our previous Insta-Stars posts and our blogs on our Fun Stuff section of the website.