Grabits Insta-Stars 05.11.2018

Have you been listening to your hunger cues? Before you reach for that bag of crisps on offer or cheer yourself up by eating a chocolate bar, consider whether you are actual hungry or not. If you are, why not go for a healthy snack such as a Grabits Chicken on a Stick, just like this week’s Insta-Stars!


@southendslimmer always has a plan for his on the go snacks, and just like most of you, he can always trust Grabits Chicken on a Stick to keep him going!


@char_sw_rocco swears that this is one of the best dinners she’s had, and guess what it contained? Nothing other than the much loved Grabits Chicken on a Stick!


It looks like we have a new Grabits fan! @sw_southport_dee found what she described as a “lifesaver” in one of the motorway services on her way back home – and it can only be Grabits Chicken on a Stick!


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