Grabits insta-stars 10.04.2017

With the Bank Holiday just around the corner and the house to surely be filling up with chocolate eggs and snacks, it can be hard to keep focus of your goals and not give in to temptation.

But don’t worry because our amazing insta-stars are here with some great tips and snack ideas to keep you full of yummy, healthy goodness!

Keeping yourself interested in food can be hard, so make sure you have lots of variety day-to-day. Olivia_jayne_sw shows how easy it can be to get a little bit of everything into your diet throughout the day, keeping it balanced but also interesting enough to keep you on track!

olivia_jayne_sw 06042017

If the sun decides to put his hat on, mix up your usual BBQ salad by adding some extras like spicy beans, cottage cheese and of course your favourite flavour of Grabits like Kelly_eatsreadandshops!

kelly_eatsreadsandshops 07042017

Be good to yourself, but don’t forget it is Easter after all, so don’t feel bad if you have a sneaky treat like Chloeinsta_sw – it’s all about balance remember!

cloeinsta_sw 23032017

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