Grabits insta-stars 15.01.2018

It’s that time of the week where we announce this week’s insta-stars. This January we’re seeing new and tasty ways to eat Grabits, whether it’s on their own as a snack or part of a well-balanced meal and here are the latest ideas that can inspire you for the week ahead:


Though @sw_michelle32 loves her yoghurt and berries, she never forgets to add a Grabits Chicken on a Stick on the side for that extra protein!


The great thing about Grabits Chicken on a Stick is that you can have them at anytime, anywhere. @emzy80sw had hers as part of a quick breakfast at work while she flipped through a magazine!


Talk about having a protein filled salad! @swtricia’s meal was a perfect choice, especially after a long walk in the morning before she headed to work.


Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @grabitschicken next time you’re snacking or having a meal with a Grabits Chicken on a Stick. You might appear in next week’s insta-stars blog!