As if Christmas is only four weeks away! The run up to Christmas is engrossed with many festivities, and with festivities comes the temptation of mince pies, festive drinks and sweet treats, which can be hard to resist! This calls for balance, and to help inspire you, we’ve pulled together our Insta-Stars using Grabits Chicken on a Stick in some fantastic ways!


We’ve got to give it up to kayleighdeal09303sw who grabbed two Grabits Chicken on a Stick even though she was craving for KFC! Smart choice!



claireburnssw had to include Grabits Chicken on a Stick in her lunch for that extra boost of protein, and paired it with Chinese chow mein egg noodles.


Evenings are the most tempting time to snack on something sweet and unhealthy as we know no-one is watching us, but trish_sw_ definitely fought this temptation!


Next time you snack or lunch with Grabits make sure you tag us on Instagram @grabitschicken and you might appear in next week’s insta-stars blog!