Grabits insta-stars 27.03.2017

It will come as no surprise that at Grabits we’re big fans of snacking! We love a good snack to keep us going in between meals, but it’s not just about keeping the hunger at bay. Choosing the right snacks at the right times can be a great way of keeping you away from bad foods, and is also a great way of making sure you hit all of the food groups you need for a balanced diet.

Coming up with interesting and tasty snacks every day can sometimes feel like hard work, which is why it’s great to have a group to share ideas with. That’s exactly what our insta-stars are for!

This week’s insta stars are:

Chloeinsta_sw is all about the chicken and has gone for a pick ‘n’ mix style snack, choosing a bit of each of the Grabits range!

cloeinsta_sw 22032017


Snacks like this one from foodfitnessandfluff are great if you’re in a rush or haven’t got a lot of prep time. Simply pick your favourite fruit from the fruit bowl and add a little treat of your favourite peanut butter for dipping. With a Grabits on the side, you’ve got your carbs, protein and fats covered in one easy snack!

foodfitnessandfluff 23072017

Adding a Grabits chicken alongside something like these easy Heinz pasta pots is a great way of adding some extra protein to your diet when you’re on the go, just like mynewswjourney_2017

mynewswjourney_2017 23072017

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