Packed lunches are boring no more!

It’s official. Packed lunches are no longer just for kids. The grown up packed lunch is the latest trend, hitting offices and workplaces to make lunch time that little bit more interesting.

A soggy sandwich and a packet of crisps are a thing of the past, so do your prep, use your imagination and the opportunities for an exciting and tasty lunch are endless!

Here’s our top tips on how to make your packed lunch something to look forward to:

  1. Plan the night before

This sometimes might be easier said than done, but if you can get your lunch prepped and ready to go the night before, you can take an extra few minutes off your morning routine and you’ll be less likely to do a ‘panic shop’ which will most likely end up in a sad ham sandwich – not good!


  1. Wrap it up

Wraps are a great way of packing a number of healthy, tasty ingredients into an easy-to-eat package. Perfect for when you’re out and about, simply fill your wrap with your favourite lunch ingredients (avocado, Grabits original chicken on a stick, rocket and halloumi with pesto is a favourite of ours!) wrap tightly in foil and have it ready for whenever you need it.


  1. A new take on a salad

Rather than your standard lettuce, tomato, cucumber combination, why not be inventive with your salad. Roasted vegetables make a great base and can be popped on a tray and roasted the night before. Or why not use healthy grains like quinoa or bulgar wheat to bulk up your salad for a more filling lunch.


  1. Protein power

Keeping your meals balanced can be easier said than done and often packed lunches can end up heavy on the carbs or fats. One way of making sure you get some protein in is to create your base of salad, rice or grains and simply add a Grabits chicken on a stick when you’re ready to eat. That way there’s no need to worry that your chicken might end up dry or won’t be cooked properly – easy!


  1. Picnic at your desk

There’s nothing wrong with a little lunchtime nostalgia and especially when the weather is sunny and warm, why not pack yourself a little mini picnic to look forward to at lunch time? You could make mini wraps or stuffed pitta pockets, pop in some carrot or celery batons with a humous or guacamole dip, and add a Grabits Nice and Spicy chicken on a stick to provide some heat if the weather isn’t quite hot enough! Finally pack yourself a little tub of yogurt, granola and frozen berries for a sweet and healthy dessert and you’re good to go!


For information or where to buy Grabits, simply click here and for more ideas for interesting packed lunches, head to our ‘Fun Stuff’ page.