Packing protein into your diet…

Protein is a vital component to a healthy and well-balanced diet, although you might be quite surprised how little protein the average person eats every day. But it’s a significant part of your diet if you’re trying to achieve that beach bod!

Mixing up ingredients in each meal and making sure you’ve got plenty of snacks will help you stick to your plan and resist the temptation to find unhealthy alternatives.

From chicken and yoghurt to tuna and beans there’s some easy meals and snacks that can be created in no time to give you that protein boost throughout the day, and making sure you’re prepared and stocked up is essential to achieving that goal.

Three healthy meals along with lots of water and snacks is essential, here are our favourite ways to add protein into your diet:

Meal prep

Meal prep is such a big trend at the minute – but it’s a practical one too! If you put the time and effort in to prep your food for the day/week ahead it makes it easier to save time and stick to your food plan. All you need is all your ingredients, some containers and time – Sunday afternoon is the ideal opportunity to get it all done. Get your comfies on, get your tunes on and meal prep!


Variety is also key when it comes to meal prep, you’ll soon get bored if the only thing you have to look forward to is a meal you’ve already eaten four times that week – this is where unhealthy meal choices can easily be chosen. Cook large batches of meals, portion everything up, freeze them and defrost thoroughly the night before you need them.

Chicken with the skin removed is a great source of protein that can give you a boost at lunch and in the evening. It will also last and stay fresh when meal prepping. A Grabits Chicken on a Stick is ideal for meal prep – there’s no prep needed! Your chicken is ready to go, simply serve with some rice and salad – those handy rice pouches that can be put straight in the microwave are ideal. Mix it up with some sweet potato (wedges, fries or mash) and some veggies (steamed, roasted or lightly fried), and you’ve got some of your meals sorted for the week.


Other sources or protein which are good for meal prep:

– Tuna – canned tuna stays fresh out of the can for a few days, mix with low fat mayonnaise or cottage cheese and serve with some salad or veg or even in a sweet potato jacket

– Beans – kidney beans have a high source of protein and are delicious in chilli which is an easy meal that can be prepped in advance and heated in the microwave at lunch time

– Yoghurt – an ideal source of protein that you can pack in first thing with some oats and berries to keep you going all the way through to lunch. Portion in advance and take out of the fridge whenever you need.


Snacking and on the go

Whether it’s a protein shake before a workout or some chicken in the middle of the afternoon, snacking is essential to keep you full and energetic throughout the day. Grabits Chicken on a Sticks are 100% chicken breast, contain at least 12g of protein and they’re Slimming World syn free. An ideal on-the-go snack that can be eaten anywhere for ease – plus they’re a lot tastier and healthier than another bag of crisps or a calorie filled sandwich.

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For information or where to buy Grabits, simply click here and for some inspiration head over to our ‘Fun Stuff’ page where you’ll see our insta-stars posts which showcase our favourite ways you eat Grabits both on the go and as part of a tasty meal.

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