The power of protein and why you should eat more

People might disagree about carbs and fats, but no one doubts the benefits of protein. Numerous studies have identified why this micronutrient is so vital for our wellbeing, with even more people than ever following diets dedicated to protein-rich foods. Here are our five reasons why we love protein, and why you should as well:


Benefit #1: Protein help to reduce your appetite and late night cravings


We cannot stress this enough, but having a protein-packed breakfast or snacks throughout the day can make you feel fuller and keep your hunger at bay, and if you’re thinking about the boring boiled eggs, think again. Start your day with a protein-rich peanut butter or berry smoothie, and for lunch – grab one of Grabits Chicken on a Stick solutions. Available in variety of flavours, the Grabits chicken is a great addition to your lunch box or just as good on its own.


Benefit #2: Protein supports weight loss


We don’t doubt the power of protein, but adding fibre-rich beans, sweet potatoes, peas or buckwheat to your meals can increase fullness to the next level and keep you going for hours with no effort. The benefits don’t end just there: this combination can also help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels whilst also increasing antioxidants, promoting long-term health and wellbeing.


Benefit #3: Protein helps to gain lean body muscle


It’s no surprise that protein is essential for muscle growth and repair. Whilst the intake depends on the individual and different factors such as your daily activity level, on average it is recommended for men to eat 55g and women 45g of protein daily. Made from 100% whole muscle, Grabits chicken contains at least 12g of protein and fewer than 70 calories per stick, making it the perfect snack for those who are trying to gain lean body mass and those who wish to lose weight.

However, don’t be fooled by the myths such as eating only protein will lead you to your dream physique. The nutrient can fuel your body and help restore sore muscle after a workout, but only being active and having a balanced diet are only two of the key elements ensuring that you reach those body goals. This takes time and effort, so stay patient, determined and most importantly – don’t give up!


Benefit #4: Protein looks after your immune system

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Do you seem to catch a cold after cold while everyone else is sailing through autumn months without a scratch? If so, maybe it’s time to look after your immune system. No food will magically protect you from getting the flu, but our antibodies are made of protein which can boost your immune system and help to fight bacteria, viruses and other nasty germs. Get yourself a bowl of soup accompanied by our Original Chicken on a Stick for the extra protein boost, drink plenty of water and take your time to rest. The next thing you’ll know you’re fully back on track.


Benefit #5: Protein can lift your mood up   

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If we still haven’t convinced you about why you should eat more protein, we have another reason to go. We all want to be happy, but sometimes all you can feel is sluggishness and your mood swinging in all directions. You might want to fix this by grabbing a chocolate bar, however it will keep you happy for only a minute or two until you’re faced with a sugar crash. Instead, increasing your protein intake might be exactly what you need: grab our Nice and Spicy Chicken on a Stick for that extra energy boost which can help to balance out irregular hormones and lift your mood up in no time.

If you like planning your snacks and meals ahead but feeling stuck for ideas on what to have, check out our Insta-Stars for some serious inspiration!