How to break unhealthy eating habits in 2019

You’ve emptied all your cupboards and are ready to kick-start a healthier January. However, only a week in and you already find yourself struggling… sounds familiar? It’s not always our willpower, or a lack of effort that makes us overeat or gain weight. Sometimes, it’s a sneaky little habit, such as munching biscuits in front of TV that’s sabotaging desired results. Here are our tips on how to break the most common eating habits and stick to your 2019 goals.


Habit #1: Skipping breakfast


We’ve all heard that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and should be treated as such. Having a nutrient-rich breakfast will give you that boost of energy you need to start your day. Whole-wheat cereals, porridge and natural yogurts with berries – are all great sources of vitamins and minerals. They only take minutes to prepare, so you don’t really have an excuse to skip a morning meal.

Habit #2: Underestimating calories


Whether it’s a pack of crisps or a glazed donut on-the-go, these seemingly incessant calories can quickly add up, making you go above your recommended daily energy intake before you even notice. There’s a quick fix: swap your donut to a lighter option such as the Grabits Nice & Spicy Chicken on a Stick, which can save you a whopping 144 calories! Our each snack contains less than 2% fat and at least 12g of protein, making it easy for you to pack on essential nutrients whilst keeping you mindful of the amount and quality of food you consume.


Habit #3: Eating for comfort
bakery-baking-birthday-8148 (1)

After a long day or when you just don’t feel 100% yourself, it can be so comforting to have your favourite food or drink for a quick ‘cheer me up’. It may taste delicious and let you forget about your struggles for a moment, but the problem is that you’re using food for something it isn’t designed for. Identify the problem, remove all trigger foods and the next time you catch yourself standing in front of the fridge when you’re not hungry, find an activity to distract yourself. However, if nothing works and you know you’re a serious snacker, why not prepare chicken lettuce wraps or homemade hummus with veggies, which are much more forgiving to your health.


Habit #4: Relying on takeaway


Hectic routines and must-dos means we either skip meals altogether or rely on the good old takeaway, which is often packed with empty calories. There is no better way to handle your cravings than planning meals ahead of time! Prepare your favourite dishes in large batches and store them in the fridge. Once you hear your belly rumbling, chuck one in the oven for an easy dinner solution, and save that takeaway money, which can be better spent elsewhere!


Habit #5: Expecting a quick fix


On average, it takes about a month for a new action to become a habit. Instead of attempting to change all your habits overnight, give yourself plenty of time so your body and mind can truly adopt to a new lifestyle change. Even if it’s just swapping fizzy drinks for water, increasing your daily fruit intake or squeezing in a 30-minute workout, you’re already making improvements to better yourself. Last but not least, have some fun and enjoy delicious food whilst you’re on this health adventure!

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