Eight ways to help you maximise your workout

Most of us have days when we don’t feel like working out – especially now, in the colder months, when all you want to do is wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy a steamy, hot brew. To fire up your fitness motivation, we’re here with eight tips on how to get the most of your workout and make this fitness journey a lot more fun.



Have a plan: Without an effective plan, a trip to the gym can quickly become a waste of time. To prevent aimlessly wondering from one machine to another, map your workouts and goals in advance. Having a clear plan will keep you committed at times when you don’t feel like working out, and ensure you get the most of your exercise regime even if it’s just a 10-minute warm up.

Track your progress: If you consistently rely on the same workout time after time, you’re more likely to hit a training plateau – a period of time when your body shows no signs of progress. All you need to do is simply track your fitness journey. Get yourself a notebook or download a smart app which can be used to record your reps, sets and even the weights you’re using each session. Make your muscles ‘work’ harder and soon enough, you’ll see the progress coming back with a bang.

 Ask for help: Whether you’re new to the gym or just not entirely sure how to use a particular piece of equipment, it can leave you feeling confused or even embarrassed. Don’t be! Seek advice from a member of staff or talk to personal trainer. They are there to answer all of your burning questions, prevent you from injuries and ensure you stay motivated throughout the workout.

Fuel your body: Protein consumption is especially important after a workout, which can help to repair sore muscles. If you’re looking for a quick energy boost or a grazing snack to keep your hunger at bay, try Grabits Chicken on a Stick, which has 12g of protein and less than 70 calories. Delicious on its own, or easily made into a tasty dish, check out our Insta-Stars who share hundreds of Grabits creations to keep you inspired when you don’t feel like cooking.

Try high-intensity training: If you’ve heard about high-intensity interval training (HIIT), then you probably associate it with sweating, pain and endless burpees. However, it’s the ideal workout for those with a busy-schedule: during a short 15-minute workout you will push yourself to the limit, meaning you will not only burn calories at a rapid speed, but HIIT is great for keeping your heart healthy and building endurance too.

Reduce distractions: If you’re time-crushed, then try to reduce distractions. This means ‘flight mode’ on and leaving socialising for after the gym. When you only have time for a quick workout, it’s important to remind yourself about what are your goals and stay focused.

Compete: Switch things up with a competition. Whether it’s a friendly race against your gym buddy or setting a new-personal best, a competitive setting can be a great stimulator to push yourself a bit further. Either go against the clock and do as many sit-ups in a minute as you can, or create a new challenge and encourage others to take part.

Make time to rest: It’s all fun games until you can’t walk down the stairs because your legs are too sore. Sound familiar? Muscles can only get stronger by stimulation through exercise, and to help with recovery, nutrition and rest are key. It’s all about have a balanced regime, so skip the gym for a day or two each week, and celebrate your progress along the way.

All the best with your training, and don’t forget to snack on Grabits Chicken on a Stick while you’re at it. Make sure when you next snack or lunch with Grabits you tag us on Instagram @grabitschicken – you might appear in next week’s Insta-Stars blog!