Why our customers love Grabits:

Anyone tried grabits chicken on a stick? Less than 70 calories per stick!! So yummy too.

Robyn, Certified Personal Trainer

Grabits chicken sticks are amazing, packed with over 12 grams of protein per portion, everyone needs to get their hands on some!

Samuel, Northampton

Grabits chicken sticks are seriously tasty!! It has to be the Chinese style.

Nicola, Slimming World Member


Q) Are Grabits Chicken on a Stick a good source of protein?

Yes, Made from chunky pieces of 100% chicken breast, Grabits Chicken on a Stick products are a great source of protein. If you’re watching what you eat or are on a protein heavy diet to fuel your exercise or training, each Grabits Chicken on a stick has at least 12g of protein. Full nutritional information is available on the 'products' page.

Q) Is Grabits Chicken on a Stick low fat?

Yes, each stick contains less than 2% fat and is also Slimming World syn free!

Q) Is your chicken 100% real chicken?

Yes, all of our chicken is responsibly sourced and is 100% whole muscle chicken breast.

Q) How is Grabits Chicken on a Stick cooked?

All of our chicken is hand marinated, flash fried and cooked in a steam oven to retain moisture and assure succulent, tasty chicken.

Q) Where can I buy Grabits Chicken on a Stick?

Grabits Chicken on a Stick is available at a range of convenience stores and service stations. Availability is subject to change at each outlet and the full list of stockists can be found at the top of this page.