Five ways to make the most of the holiday season

It’s official – the festive season is upon us! This means Christmas songs on repeat, huge amounts of delicious, home cooked food and possibly a fatal dose of ‘family time’.  With the excitement in the air, here are a few ways that can help you make the most of the holiday season.


Embrace the season

Rather than panicking about all the shopping and things you must accomplish this time of year, embrace all the great things Christmas has to offer. It only comes once a year, so celebrate by doing what you like. Whether it’s pampering yourself with a luxurious bath, eating that triple chocolate cake or bingeing  on Netflix all day long, have fun, even if it means bending some of the ‘rules’!


Create an alternative Christmas lunch

If you’ve decided to throw that perfect Christmas party, we’ve got you covered. We all know that mouth-watering food can do wonders when it comes to the success of your party, so why not try snack platters and grazing boards which are always a hit amongst hungry guests?

Available in a range of flavours, Grabits Chicken on a Stick can be easily paired with other savoury and nibbles such as cheeses, quiches, smoked salmon – you name it, and even made into bite-size skewers. To take things further, try out our festive recipes including the Grabits Chicken Sandwich on a Stick or the Mango and Chilli Canapes which are packed full of authentic flavour and look great on a plate.



Do something different this year

Want to swap your traditional Christmas for something a bit more different? Charities need volunteers all year round especially at this time of the year, so why not offer to land a hand for those less fortunate? Whether it’s spending a few hours with a person who otherwise would be alone on Christmas Day or volunteering at a local soup kitchen, bringing smiles and spreading joy to those who really need it is truly embracing the spirit of the holiday season.


Me time

It is extremely tempting to go all the way during the festive season. The family gatherings, socialising with friends and staying up until 3am just because you can; it is easy to forget that sometimes you need to step back. Even if it’s just taking a nap in between the parties or reading a book you’ve always had your eyes on, take time off to recharge your batteries so you can face the New Year feeling reenergised and ready to conquer your next goals.



As soon as you are feeling remotely human, consider doing some exercise. A light walk or cycling around your neighbourhood will help you to work off those Christmas leftovers. Fresh air can instantly make you feel better and the occasional run will help you make the transition easier when trying to get back on track with your regular regime once the party season is over.

Want more tips like these? Head to our Fun Stuff page where Grabits Insta-Stars are sharing tasty Christmas meal recipes and a serious dose of motivation on how to stay healthy during this festive season.