Grabits Insta-Stars 01.07.2019

Happy National Picnic Month! Happy National Anti-Boredom Month! This month is clearly set to be an exciting and yet busy one. As we warned you last week, it’s very easy to get lost in the excitement, but you must try and remember to stay on your health streak and snack healthy with Grabits. Here are some examples of how you could include Grabits Chicken on a Stick to your meals from this week’s Insta-Stars!


@kathrynslimmingworld19 was constantly on the go, and here’s how she got through the day!


@sw_michelle2019 had her Grabits Chicken on a Stick for breakfast, with a bit of melon on the side!


@carols_slimmingworld_life snacked on Grabits Chicken on a Stick  and some pears while planning her week!


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