Grabits Insta-Stars 13.08.2018

Need a bit of a pick-me-up to kick start your Monday? Our Insta-Stars this week have all picked up a Grabits Chicken on a Stick to inject more protein in to their day. Whether as snack or as part of a lunch they’re loved any which way…

It’s  a busy day in the salon for @Slimmingworldpuddingqueen, so making sure she has enough energy to take on the rest of the day, she’s prepared a delicious lunch of sardines, salad and a Grabits Chicken on a Stick.


Evenin ???????? Busy day in the salon ????‍♀️ for me today .. managed to grab ten mins for my lunch … utilised my other 1/2 HEB on 3 x @ryvitauk Ryecakes (6 = 1 HEB or 3 =1/2 HEB or 1 syn each) topped with sardines in tomato sauce (p&s), 1 x @Grabits Chicken on a stick (free), & mixed ‘speedy’ Salad (s) with beetroot(s), cucumber (s) & tomatoes (s) Dinner tonight – ‘Chicken & Leek Carbonara ‘ ⬅️⬅️ as SW recipe that I’ve popped on here – scroll left on above photo.. I added leeks (s) ,Hock ham instead of bacon & 1/2 HEB 20 g lightest grated cheese from my HEA allowance ???????? Have a good evening guys ???????? #swsynfree #sw #swuk #swfooddiary #swfreefood #swfoodoptimising #swplan #swrecipe #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldplan #slimmingworldfreefood #slimmingworldrecipe #slimmingworldfoodoptimising #slimmingworldfoodinspiration #swfakeaway #slimmingworldrecipes #swfoodideas #swfoodoptimising #swfastfood #slimmingworldsynfree

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@Ms_ferrer14_slimmingworld created a lunch bursting with protein with a frittata and  a Chinese Grabits Chicken on a Stick – yummy!


And @myswjourney_katie will never go hungry again, with her own supply of Chinese and Nice and Spicy Grabits Chicken on a Sticks.


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