Grabits Insta-Stars 16.07.2018

At Grabits we love seeing how much our Chicken on a Stick is enjoyed, whether it’s part of a balanced meal or a snack. Since it’s the perfect nibble for keeping those stomach rumbles away, our Insta-Stars this week is focussed on followers who have picked up a Grabits Chicken on a Stick while on the road or during a very busy day!


@sw_sheddingforthewedding made sure she didn’t go hungry while on a roadtrip with a protein-laden dinner.


Before diving into some freshly picked berries, @abbeysswjourney brought along a Grabits Chicken on a Stick with her for the road.


Knowing that protein keeps the hunger pains away, @myswjourney_katie grabbed a few boiled eggs and a couple of Grabits Chinese Chicken on a Stick to keep her satisfied until dinner.


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