It looks like many of you incorporated Grabits Chicken on a Stick in your meal plans, maintaining a healthy diet this past week. Here are a few fine examples of healthy eating with Grabits, ensuring those hanger pains are kept at bay until dinner time!


@nikinoo_whatieat‘s lunch time consisted of a jacket potato with cottage cheese, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and pickled onions with a Grabits Chicken on a Stick and ham, topped with salad cream – delicious!


@jaxons_slimmingworldsupermum had a lovely refreshing lunch in the sun, and of course it included a Grabits Chicken on a Stick!


@kat_pads_sw_member‘s lunch also included not one, but two chicken sticks. If that doesn’t tell you something about Grabits Chicken on a Stick, then we don’t know what we will!


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