Grabits Insta-Stars 22.07.2019

Life can be hectic and there are times where we forget our healthy eating habits and jump to the easiest, most convenient thing to eat; but this week our Insta-Stars proved to us that you can lead a busy life and eat healthily. This week we take a look at those who bought more than one Grabits Chicken on a Stick!


For @loudoessw, Grabits chicken sticks are still her “ultimate favourite snack”, and if this image doesn’t say it all, we don’t know what will! 

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Still my ultimate favourite snack as I’m a huge savoury fan ???? I asked my partner to grab some if the shop had any, he came home and said “I hit the chicken on a stick jackpot” ???? The shops near me don’t get a lot of these in so I was super happy!! All these flavours are syn free, my favourite is the chinese one but they’re all delicious. Not an ad, I just really love chicken ????!! At the moment you can find them in One Stop, Londis, Spar, Budgens, Welcome Break, Mace, Shop n Drive, Moto, Amigo, MRH, Royal Voluntary Service & Euro Garages. #grabits #chickenonastick #slimmingworldfromhome #slimmingworld #sw #swonline #weightloss #losingweight #swlunch #lowsynlunch #lowsyndinner #swdinner #syns #easyswmeal #synvalue #lowsynfood #lowsyn #lowsynsnack

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@southendslimmer loves our chicken sticks, and considers them to be “life savers”!



@kathrynslimmingworld19 came home to these, which definitely gave her some will power for work!


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