Grabits insta-stars 26.02.2018

February is definitely a month of love. We’ve received so much love from our Insta family, and even with a new month slowly approaching, the love is still there. It’s wonderful to see Grabits fans inspiring each other by sharing healthy meal plans and serving suggestions, especially with Grabits Chicken on a Stick. Here are this week’s Insta-stars:


Now here’s a new one! Are those disco lights we see in @thehangrygirl.sw’s Grabits Chicken on a Stick image? Goes to show that this protein filled snack is a great on-the-go snack!


As the sun was out to play yesterday, @han_chace made a salad using Grabits Chicken on a Stick and ham. Perfect meal for lunch, especially on the sunny day.


The Chinese Grabits Chicken on a Stick is one of the favourites, and @myswjourney_katie paired hers up with a fruit salad.

Next time you snack with us, share your Grabits Chicken on a Stick serving suggestions with us on Instagram @grabitschicken and you might just be featured in our weekly Insta-stars!