Grabits – on the go!

Are we the only ones who have experienced this: hunger striking before meal times, an unexpected craving for something sweet, or the urge for a quick energy boost before working out? “What’s the solution?” you ask. A small, healthy and satisfying snack that will do the job – Grabits Chicken on a Stick!



This healthy snack can be enjoyed guilt-free, is easily accessible on-the-go, and tastes great! From a hit of spice, to a taste of the Orient or a southern fried bite, Grabits chicken snacks are the perfect solution to keep you going throughout the day.

This super-trendy snack comes in three different flavours which are hand-marinated in our unique recipe seasonings, inspired by flavours of the world – Original, Nice and Spicy and Chinese. If you were not sure about the nutritional benefits that Grabits Chicken on a Stick offer, here they are:


Less than 70 calories

We all want treats, treats with zero calories! As much as this may be a food fantasy, there really are foods that cost us almost nothing to eat, calorie-wise, and Grabits Chicken on a Stick is one of them. As well as being full of flavour, this satisfying snack will help fill you up for just less than 70 calories per stick.


Less than 2% fat

Filling your diet with foods that are low in fat, sodium and sugar can help control blood pressure and blood sugar, plus – if one of your goals is losing weight, this can also help. Grabits Chicken on a Stick are the ultimate low-fat, hand-held snacking solution that are perfect when out and about. These succulent chicken sticks bring something a little different to snack time – literally, with each stick containing less than 2g of fat. Now how about that!


At least 12g protein

To all our fitness enthusiasts, you can enjoy Grabits with the peace of mind that you’re having a snack full of protein with no added extras! Meat snacks with high protein content and lower fat are definitely a favourite for most gym goers. Grabits is 100% whole chicken breast chunks, making it the perfect product to offer a protein boost pre or post workout with at least 12g of protein per 55g stick.


You can’t go wrong with Grabits Chicken on a Stick. Find out where you can grab one (or two) of these tasty snacks here.