Office snacks: how to stop sabotaging your healthy eating

It’s not easy to get through a long day of work without getting a little hungry every now and then. Snacking is the tastiest way to give yourself a much-needed boost as long as you choose healthy treats in the right proportions.  But here’s a common problem: you are surrounded by free snacks in the office and no matter how strong your willpower is, you cannot make these cravings go away. We’ve all been there – whether you work in an office or not – indulging in naughty treats to celebrate a colleague’s birthday, promotion or just find yourself simply enjoying food a bit too much.

With snacking often being the reason for weight gain, here are some tips on how to enjoy food without compromising your goals.


Choose wisely


There is no better way to keep your cravings in check than packing your own snacks. Stock up on fruit, which will sustain your energy levels, and protein like Grabits chicken bites which will keep you satisfied. This will ensure you stay full for longer and the temptation for the sugar rush will slowly melt away.

Remember snacks should be small but keep you going until your next meal. The key is to fuel your body with the right nutrients that keep you full and happy, as there’s nothing worse than feeling deprived or still hungry.

To get more inspiration, check out our blog and get healthy snack ideas from our Grabits Insta-Stars.

Avoid temptation


Even the people who are anti-snacking can find themselves giving into the office-graze temptation. Whether it’s a homemade cake that just asks to be eaten or a vending machine filled with your favourite crisps, it is easy to give up and eat that bag of crisps in seconds. Hide all temptations from the desk and instead keep one or two healthy alternatives in your drawer for those impulsive hunger moments.

When things get tough, remind yourself about the goals you are trying to achieve and why you’ve started this journey. But more importantly, don’t forget to celebrate little victories that bring you closer to your goal each day!

Stay hydrated


It is easy to overlook, but choosing the right drinks can significantly impact your results. Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger, so sipping on H20 will keep you hydrated, give you a break from the desk once in a while and stop you from boredom snacking.


Pack in some protein


If you think you’re limited to only eating hard-boiled eggs, think again. Snacks like Grabits chicken on a stick is packed with plenty of protein and flavour, keeping your hunger at bay – so you can avoid reaching out for those chocolate cookies for a midday pick-me-up.


Small changes at a time


When certain food is perceived as forbidden, you are more likely to crave it and over-eat it on your cheat day. Instead, focus on one small thing you’d like to work on, like giving up fizzy drinks or having one serving of fruit with every meal. As long as you eat mindfully and stick within your calorie limit, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a delicious cupcake once in a while!