Plan the perfect picnic with Grabits

If you hadn’t noticed, summer’s here! The weather is gorgeous, the ice-cream vans are out, and soon school will be out for the kids! There is no better way to spend a hot day than with a picnic, I mean it is National Picnic Month after all. Something about picnics takes most people back to their childhood; spending time with either friends or family, and great food. Here are a few suggestions for planning the perfect picnic with Grabits…


Picking a location

Picnic 1

When it comes to picnics, you’ve got to have the perfect spot and it could be your local park if you want that lively atmosphere. The countryside is another option if you’re looking for breath-taking scenery. If you are looking to stay in the comfort of your own home the back garden is a great choice too!


Packing the essentials

Picnic 2

There is nothing worse than forgetting something for a picnic. The items that we’d say are top priority are firstly a picnic blanket; a large enough one for everyone to sit comfortably on, but something light enough to carry around. Next on the list is either a cooler or a traditional picnic basket. There is just something satisfying about packing your picnic treats the old school way.  Last but not least is outdoor dishes; they’re easy to use and quick to clean so it’s the best of both worlds. If cleaning is not for you, just opt for disposable dishes instead!



Picnic 3

Onto most people’s favourite part of a picnic – food! It’s essential to have food that’s easy to carry around; from packets of crisps to mini-sandwiches and fresh fruit, nothing screams summer food more. If you’re feeling a little more exotic you could take along some Grabits chicken sticks which come in five different flavours: Original, Nice & Spicy Chinese and new limited edition flavours Habanero Mango and Vindaloo. Grabits go perfectly with a wrap or a selection of salad. If you want to follow some of our Grabits recipes that are perfect for picnics, just click here.


Don’t forget

Picnic 4

There are a number of things that are sometimes overlooked when it comes to picnic planning, and one of them is entertainment. To top off your picnic, don’t forget to take along some outdoor games to keep the kids entertained, whether that’s a frisbee or a football! Add that final summer vibe to your picnic with some music. There is nothing like a summer playlist so don’t forget your portable speakers!

Happy National Picnic Month!