Quick healthy meals on the go:

Making sure you’ve got a quick, easy and healthy meal on the go is essential to maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle and diet.

From packing protein into your diet to pre and post work out snacks, we’ve got plenty of blogs that will guide you to a healthier and motivated you, and here’s out latest dose of inspiration for quick and healthy meals on the go.

As the festivities and celebrations start with December only a matter of days away it’s essential that a few healthy choices are made to keep you on plan. Of course, a few more drinks, chocolates and treats are going to be consumed in the run up to Christmas right through to the New Year, but making sure you’ve got a healthy meal that can be eaten quickly and on the go will certainly help keep those chocolate cravings away throughout the day – especially if you’re dashing to the shops on your lunch hour for those last minute Christmas presents!

Salads are a great meal choice for a quick yet healthy fix and making sure you’ve got lots of tasty ingredients packed into them will keep you full and focused for the rest of the day. Grabits Chicken on a Stick is the ideal protein to add to a salad, it’s already cooked and ready to eat plus you can have it in three flavour Original, Chinese or Nice & Spicy and they’re healthy too with less than 70 calories per 55g stick.

Here’s our latest quick and easy meal on the go recipe:



Grabits colourful salad bowl

To create our quick and easy salad bowl all you’ll need the below ingredients, add as much or as little as you desire of each and enjoy!

  • Grabits Chicken on a Stick, we opted for the Chinese Chicken on a Stick for an added boost of colour, flavour and protein – with 12g per stick it’s the ideal way to pack in the protein
  • Shredded carrot, this can be easily bought already shredded from your local supermarket – a lifesaver when you’re pushed for time
  • Cucumber, a great source of vitamin K and ideal to add some greens into your diet
  • Baby plum tomatoes, the sweetest little tomatoes you’ll find which are full of vitamins
  • Sweetcorn, a sweet, healthy choice to add to a well-balanced diet
  • Mixed salad leaves, we love the peppery taste of rocket in a salad. Add your favourite greenery
  • Kidney beans, they’re proven to help reduce heart disease and lower cholesterol
  • Avocado, sliced or smashed they’re full of healthy fats and its been one of the most popular ingredients of this year
  • Diced beetroot, a colourful low fat ingredient that provides your salad with lots of minerals and vitamins
  • Finish with some cress and mix!

This salad is delicious on its own or add your favourite low fat dressing for a different flavour each time you tuck in!


quick healthy meals


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