Summer on a stick with Grabits!

As summer is well and truly underway! We all want that summer body to accompany the weather, but if you love a good snack this could be a problem. However, we’ve got you the perfect solution…




Grabits now has two chicken on a stick limited edition flavours: Habanero Mango and Vindaloo. The Grabits Habanero Mango chicken is fruity and has a little kick from the habanero peppers, just the right balance of the two. If you love Nando’s mango and lime, this is the perfect healthier alternative.

If you love a bit of kick to your chicken then you are in for a treat because the Grabits Vindaloo Chicken on a Stick is the option for you. The pieces of chicken are 100% chicken breast fillet and are marinated in spice giving you that flavour of India.

This healthy snack is perfect for when you’re on the go and can be customised so you can eat them with whatever suites you. If you’re out of ideas, try these two delicious and easy to prepare Grabits Chicken on a Stick recipes that you can prepare in advance using the two limited editions flavours or our exiting range and enjoy yourself this month!

You can also grab it with a tortilla wrap if you really want that Mexican vibe, add some lettuce and some grated cheese and you are good to go. Street food on your plate within minutes!

The health benefits of Grabits Chicken on a Stick are endless.

  • Chunks of 100% chicken breast
  • Hand-marinated in our unique recipe seasonings
  • Less than 2% fat
  • At least 12g of protein per stick

As you can see, you can’t go wrong with Grabits Chicken on a Stick. Find out where you can grab one (or two) of these tasty limited edition snacks here.

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